Tips: Commission a chimney sweep on a regular basis!

Tips: Commission a chimney sweep on a regular basis! © markus_marb/

Have your chimneys, fireplaces and all other relevant devices such as heating systems checked by a specialist regularly. Examples of experts with the required experience to perform such checks include district chimney sweeps, specially authorised workmen or self-employed chimney sweeps. 

Your experts: District chimney sweeps, freelance chimney sweeps, authorised workmen

These experts will not only perform chimney sweeping but also check flues or measure the exhaust emission values generated by heating equipment. As required, systems can also be retrofitted at an early stage or chimneys cleared of garbage such as birds’ nests.

Fireplace inspections – An overview of all devices, systems and fireplaces to be checked

The specialist will recommend fireplace checks, which involve scrutinising all heating appliances and exhaust gas systems. Intervals between checks are determined based on the type and age of the heating installations and exhaust gas systems concerned. The older the equipment, the more regularly such checks should be performed. Likewise, fireplace inspections are highly recommended if you have newly constructed a fireplace or modified an open hearth in any way. 

Sources of danger

Carbon monoxide, known as CO for short, is a toxic gas, which cannot be seen, tasted or smelt. It results, among other things, from incomplete combustion processes of fossil fuels. 



Based on the non-specific symptoms, it is generally difficult to detect whether carbon monoxide poisoning has taken place. 


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