Security and flexibility with modular reversible key systems

Protect your home and your loved ones. Our reversible key systems Bravus MX and Vela MX meet your high security requirements and provide you with maximum security thanks to the stainless steel core.

Security, tough as steel

© ABUS MX System

The stainless steel elements in the cylinder core provide iron clad security as standard: The stainless steel bar, the high-strength stainless steel drill protection inlay and the hardened steel elements in the cylinder interior offer drill, pry, and break protection.

One key for your home

© ABUS MX - ein Schlüssel für alles

Use just one key to open all the doors of your house – from your garden gate and letter box to your building entrance and apartment entrance door and the padlock on your summer house – making heavy bunches of keys a thing of the past.

State-of-the-art key technology

© ABUS MX State-of-the-art key technology

With ABUS reversible key system you are following the trend: Thanks to its innovative design, the key is barely noticeable in your pocket. The door can be opened easily, even in the dark, with the convenient reversible key. The modern, solid key won’t break off and is made of wear-resistant material - so you will be happy with your locking system for a long time. With just one key, you can open all the doors to your home - from the garden gate and mailbox to the entrance door, and even the padlock that secures your garden shed.

Maximum flexibility

© ABUS Maximum flexibility with MX

Are you moving? Are you going to replace your door? We have got you covered! The modular cylinder can be quickly adapted to fit your new door.

Protect those you love

© ABUS MX-System protectss those you love

With ABUS reversible key system, your home is secure. Patent-protected technologies protect against manipulation of the cylinder and illegal key copies. The security card is your unique identification item that ensures that
only authorised persons can order keys or cylinder replacements.

Quality “Made in Germany”

© ABUS Pfaffenhain

High quality materials, high-precision manufacturing and the ABUS group’s experience ensures a feeling of real safety. Our locking cylinders are developed and manufactured in Germany to guarantee the highest quality and a long product life.

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