Security for your home, flat and office: ABUS SLT security fitting

More protection and control at the front door is an essential element for security within your own four walls or at the office. Electronic locking systems from ABUS offer not only increased intrusion protection at your door, but also innovative convenience when entering or leaving your house: a life without keys. That means no more worrying about lost keys or accidentally locking yourself out. Mechatronic security fittings with a code keypad and chip key reader offer maximum protection against breaking and entering, and in the event of lost keys.

Solid protection and convenience

The SLT security fitting, with its hardened protective elements, prevents drilling or other manipulation attempts on your front door. Thanks to its unique design, it also enables convenient operation options such as locking the door using the comfort lock, with nothing but a simple hand movement. Your personal code allows you to easily enter your house.


Life without keys

Simply leave the house without taking your keys. Enter the code, turn the knob and walk right in. You can configure individual number combinations between four and six digits. Programming and removing number combinations is quick and easy. This is a particular advantage if, for example, you would like to provide someone with temporary access to the house while you’re on holiday.


1st Slide down the keypad cover.


2. Enter a four to six digit code.


3rd Turn the knob to unlock the door. Enter the code.


4. The door can now be easily opened.

Quick and easy programming

In just ten seconds, you can easily programme a new code, or change or delete an existing code. Insert the programming key, enter the desired code and you’re done. Alternatively, you have the option of the read-protected ABUS chip key. It is extremely easy to use without even turning the key! Would you like to equip several doors with security fittings? No problem! Simply make your code or key valid for all doors, and you won’t have to worry about carrying around a heavy bunch of keys.


Security is freedom

A life without keys has many advantages. Whether you’re working in your garden, picking up the newspaper or exercising – you can simply enjoy yourself and think about more important things. Thanks to the comfort lock, you can easily lock the door by hand. No need for a code or keys: simply pull the door shut and turn the knob.

Suitable for all doors

ABUS security fittings fit on all doors and locks – even on doors with multi-point locking. There is no need for cabling as the fitting has its own battery. This means you don't have to make any changes to the door itself. The SLT security fitting is highly stable and features an elegant design to boot. There are two finish options available: stainless steel and a brass-titanium look. The code keypad of the SLT can be covered using a small slider; this keeps the keypad protected and undetected.


VdS certification

The SLT security fitting is also available as a VdS version. Using a special testing method, the independent testing institute VdS creates trust through security: the functional reliability and operational security are clearly verified.

Growing demands for the security of your home

With demands growing for security within your home, the SLT provides you with the option to extend your security system by connecting alarm systems. The required cabling is integrated quickly and easily by an ABUS specialist. The advantage provided by ABUS: opening and closing your front door enables or disarms the alarm system via the SLT allowing for thoughts about operating the alarm system to fade to the background, and false alarms are prevented.


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