Entrance doors: Often easy targets for burglars

Any door that is not professionally secured can be immediately identified by burglars as an easy target: The cylinder protrudes a long way and often the fittings can simply be unscrewed. This makes breaking in easy, and not just for professionals.

An ABUS security door fitting protects both mortise locks and door cylinders against being broken or pulled off. Look for the DIN, TÜV and VdS seals of approval. They are proof of maximum security.

ABUS security door fitting – the technology is the key

ABUS security fittings are composed of layers: the separate layers of steel in our VdS-approved security fittings form a structure that can easily withstand a tensile load of 2.5 tonnes. The security fittings can be used anywhere, irrespective of whether the door opens to the left or right. User-friendly fitting aids come with all security hardware.

Special attention was paid to the design of the new generation of ABUS security fittings and to improving the basic mechanical protection. The ABUS range now offers over 200 models, which also come in stainless steel and brass. All security fittings can be supplied in a special version for fire doors. If security fittings cannot be installed, ABUS security escutcheon plates should be used to protect the door cylinder from attack.

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