ABUS window lock – the best way to protect yourself against break-ins

Did you know that windows and patio doors are the primary means of access for burglars?

A tilted window is so to speak an open window. Burglars easily pry titled windows with a screwdriver in seconds. But also closed, a standard window usually represents no serious obstacle. In addition, there is the risk of accident for young children, as they can open a window of this sort easily and fall out.

ABUS offers for every security problem the right window lock, even for tilted windows!

Secure both sides of your window or patio door!

When securing your windows, you should not only pay attention to the lock side, but also think about the hinge side. An ABUS window lock not only meets the highest security standards and provides maximum protection against break-ins. Our window locks can also all be combined with one another and locked with one key. That makes them easy to use.

ABUS window locks in use

ABUS window locks in use. © ABUS
This demo-window provides an overview of ABUS window locks and shows exemplary in which way they are used.

Reinforced window bar

Reinforced window bar - visible security The reinforced window bar FPR217 offers full width security, for almost every window and every window type. The first of it's kind! FPR217 is ...


Structural support

Just as important as product selection is ensuring that you have appropriate fixing for your locks. Otherwise, the window lock finds no support in the wall or in the window frame. Brand ...


Skylight locks

Tried and tested over many years – the "DF 88" attic window lock for skylights and all windows that open outwards. Burglars will not find their way in through your roof. ABUS – security ...


Locks for double windows

Windows often come under attack. There is now an effective solution for double windows: the VdS-approved ABUS DFS 95 double window lock. Secure your double windows effectively and increase ...


Combination window locks

The FTS 106 window combination lock builds on the successful FTS 96 model, a VdS and DIN-approved window lock with an appealing design for windows and patio doors that open inwards. The ...


2nd fit locks

Burglars usually prefer to attack windows and patio doors. That's precisely why we have brought special products on to the market that can be fitted as add-ons to protect your home. The ...


Window handle locks

Shut the window – and it's locked! That's how easy lockable window handles are to use. It's impossible to forget to lock them ever again. You just need a key to unlock the window handle ...


Cellar grating locks

When securing a house, all access points must be taken into account, especially any access points to cellars. You certainly don't want to feel as if your home is the setting for the latest ...


Side hinge units

When securing windows or patio doors, the closing side must always be protected. But what about the hinge side? It's important to provide additional security here, too, to prevent attempts ...


Telescobic bar for windows

The ABUS TELE-Z is a highly visible solution to break-ins. The telescopic bar combines a strong deterrent effect with security against forced entry of all sorts through windows that open ...


Window bar lock

The FOS550 is a high-security additional lock for windows and patio doors with two strong fixing points at top and bottom. The patented locking system provides the lock with extremely ...


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