System Wavy Line pro - High security level and comfort

The system Wavy Line pro attracts with the unique waved code line of the key. The massive reversible key with the waved code line provides highest locking comfort to its users.


Also in terms of security, the system Wavy Line pro is setting high standards. The blocking ball inside of the cylinder provides a very high resistance against intelligent manipulation attempts. The coded rib on the key effectively prevents illegal key copying. The system Wavy Line pro offers a high legal protection against key copying due to its patent until.

In addition to this Wavy Line pro cylinders are equipped in series with a special anti-picking protection which makes the opening by picking much more difficult.

Wavy Line pro fits very well for single differs as well as for small and medium sized locking systems in private and commercial sector. The possible combination of electronic components offers further scope for the design of the locking system.

At a glance

Profile Multiple paracentric reversible key
System extent 1 security level
6-pin version
Highlights Very comfortable reversible key
Coded rib with blocking ball
Anti-pick technology
Patent protection
Application areas Individual lockings
Small to medium sized master key systems
Certificates SKG *** certification optional
Combination with electronic Yes, with combined key
Manufacturing Made in Germany, DIN EN 1303,
Certified ISO 9001:2008

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Brochure Securing Your Property
Combination of mechanic and electronic

Coded rib and blocking ball
Combi Cap rosa und Skuni Cap grün

Wavy Line pro – one security level

  • For high security demands
  • Up to 10 spring loaded locking elements in two locking rows
  • Very comfortable and solid reversible key with waved code line

Coded rib and blocking ball

Together with the coded rib on the key and the blocking ball in the cylinder, the system Wavy Line pro offers a high protection against manipulation. If the key is not correctly cut or does not contain the coded rib, the blocking ball will prevent the opening of the door. At the same time, the coded rib does guarantee an additional high technical protection against copying.

Combination with electronics

Due to the Combi Cap and the Skuni cap, the combination with electronic systems is very easy. The key can be directly shipped from the factory as mechanic-electronic combination key. A later retrofitting of electronic components can be effected by the use of the Combi Cap. External systems such as alarm systems, time recording and pay terminals can be operated with this hybrid key.

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