Hazard detectors from ABUS – provide ample warning and save your life

Gas detector

Natural gas is practical with almost 50 percent of all German households heated with it (as at: 2016, statista.de). Generally speaking, the use of natural gas is a very safe way to keep rooms warm or to cook, and that’s because by law heating systems and the like are checked regularly in Germany, to see whether they are still functioning properly or if faulty parts require replacement. However, methane gas is highly flammable when combined with oxygen. Anything that produces electrical sparks or flames could to lead to an explosion in the event of a gas leak.

Our tip:
install gas detectors and save yours and your loved ones’ lives. A gas detector spots early on whether gas is leaking into a room.

CO detector

Carbon monoxide, known as CO for short, is a toxic gas, which cannot be seen, tasted or smelt. The CO detector from ABUS provides ample warning: if the concentration of carbon monoxide in a room increases significantly above the normal level, it triggers a loud warning alarm. The carbon monoxide detector from ABUS therefore saves lives, as high concentrations of CO can lead to death in just a few minutes!

The carbon monoxide detector, COWM300, can be wall-mounted or placed free standing on a shelf or on chests of drawers. It can be subtly integrated into any room thanks to its modern and simple design.

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Heating systems, fireplaces, stoves, ovens, gas or charcoal barbecues: our household appliances normally work without a hitch.

That’s because, in Germany, it is a legal requirement for fireplaces and heating, for example, to be serviced and if necessary repaired once a year by a chimney sweeper or other authorised tradesman.

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