Visible security – telescopic bar to bolt windows and patio doors

The ABUS TELE-Z is a highly visible solution to break-ins. The telescopic bar combines a strong deterrent effect with security against forced entry of all sorts through windows that open inwards. The precision steel tube and solid wall anchoring can withstand forceful attacks. The locking cylinder that locks simply by pushing it into place and the easily extendible telescopic tube make it simple and quick to use.

Ideal for leased premises

The product is not fixed to the window itself but to the wall reveal.

As a result, there is no need to drill into the window.

The tube is simply unlocked and removed to open the window. The ABUS-TELE Z comes in four sizes from 1 m to 2.20 m in white and chrome. The adjustable bar can be shortened to a length of 68 cm.

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