NEW: The MX equipment option offers maximum flexibility

Called out to carry out servicing or an emergency opening, or need to order a locking system but do not know all of the cylinder lengths? With its brand-new MX option, ABUS has the perfect solution.

Maximum security with a heart of stainless steel

© ABUS MX System

The MX equipment option offers maximum flexibility. The stainless steel elements in the cylinder core provide iron clad security as standard.



This modular system variant allows you to respond quickly, flexibly and safely to the conditions on site, which saves time and avoids unnecessary journeys. MX is available as an option for the Bravus reversible key system and the latest conventional system, Vitess.

The drill protection inlay made of high-strength stainless steel and integrated inside the cylinder guarantees a higher level of drill protection as standard as well as additional withdrawal protection. The Bravus MX Intellitec system and the Vitess MX Intop system come with a high level of technical copy protection and patent protection.

* Application submitted; max. patent term to 2030 for Bravus and to 2034 for Vitess; unlimited trademark protection

Zylinder MX - © ABUS

MX – secure, quick, easy

It is possible to alter this modular cylinder to the required length in just a few simple steps. The basic length of 30/30 mm can be extended on either side in 5 mm increments up to 70/70 mm, giving you optimal flexibility. Alterations are simple, requiring only a fixing screw.

Video: altering the Bravus.2000 MX from 30/30 to 30/40

Step 1

Umbau MX Schritt 1 - © ABUS

Use a fixing screw to turn the bar of the MX cylinder 90°, then remove the housing section, lock bit and coupling and put them to one side.

Step 2

Umbau MX Schritt 2 - © ABUS

Extend the cylinder to the required length by means of the housing, core and key extensions.

Step 3

Umbau MX Schritt 3 - © ABUS

Put the coupling, lock bit and housing section back in and use the fixing screw to turn the bar of the cylinder back 90°.

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