Video surveillance from ABUS for private houses and apartments

Video surveillance from ABUS enables fast localization of threats and protects persons and material assets. If worst comes to worst, detailed recordings help answer questions. A broad range of cameras, components, and accessories guarantees an optimal video solution for your specific requirements and budget.

All-purpose video surveillance solutions

The ABUS product range includes surveillance cameras and recording devices for all fields of application. We supply a full spectrum of unique products in our portfolio, both as analog video technology as well as IP video surveillance, also encompassing our innovative hybrid solutions which combine analog technology with the convenience of network technology.

You will find that we have everything you need for a high-performance video surveillance solution. Consistent and ongoing development, premium quality craftsmanship and, last but not least, the harmonious interplay of components in video surveillance systems from ABUS will keep you safe. Allow yourself to be convinced by the variety of products available for every usage and every budget.

My Home is my Castle

Video surveillance will help you not only if an actual incident occurs, but also as a preventative measure and to solve crimes. Potential intruders are scared off by video surveillance, which will thwart any crimes in the first place. During critical situations, the surveillance video from your camera will allow you to maintain an overview at all times, to take action or coordinate the intervention by security staff. After an incident has occurred, the video recordings allow you to reconstruct the events quickly and clarify the circumstances.

Video surveillance in your own home

Would you like to know who is entering and leaving, and who just pressed the bell? Would you like to be able to pay a visit to your home to see if everything is OK, regardless of where you are in the world? Would you like to deter vandals, thieves and burglars and, if worse comes to worst, record conclusive images? Then modern surveillance cameras are exactly the right solution for you to identify culprits and put a stop to their game.

Surveillance cameras

Video surveillance cameras also perform valuable services at home. With our compact network cameras, flexible pan/tilt cameras, robust outdoor cameras, and the inconspicuous dome cameras, ...


Recording systems

ABUS video recorders enable perfect recordings no matter how big the project. From mobile mini-recorders to professional video surveillance systems, ABUS offers a wide range of recorders. ...


Complete systems

ABUS offers complete systems for video surveillance. For all-round protection of your home, choose one of our cost-efficient digital recorder camera kits. Another special advantage: the ...


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