Tailored security for private households thanks to wired alarms

The wired and hybrid alarm systems of the Terxon series from ABUS are ideal for commercial properties of all types. Allow yourself to be convinced by the excellent price/performance ratio, flexible extensibility, and proven technology. With these comprehensive systems, you can provide sophisticated protection of large factory halls and high-rise buildings.

Terxon X – hybrid alarms for all uses

The Terxon X series from ABUS stands for custom-made security from S to L, for every requirement, in a sophisticated and understated design language. Office buildings, commercial premises or factory halls – the ABUS Terxon wired and hybrid alarm systems will give you that satisfying feeling of being secure. The Terxon wired alarm control panels are predominantly used for new buildings. The hybrid models can subsequently be enhanced with wireless modules.

Perfect protection against break-ins, fire and emergencies

Whether in offices or building complexes – Terxon is the ideal custom security solution for every situation. This is because the whole Terxon family is available in the size which suits you best: in M or L. Using this flexible alarm system, security which is both sophisticated and easily enhanced can even be implemented in large factory halls or skyscrapers.

Extensions with bidirectional wireless components

The special thing about the Terxon series is its visual and functional compatibility with the Secvest alarm components. Wireless detectors can even be integrated in to the alarm control panels for Terxon MX and LX. Its special feature: The Terxon 2WAY module makes it possible to operate the systems reliably using bidirectional components – a convenience which virtually no other wired alarm system provides.

The Terxon - Can be extended with bidirectional wireless components

Even hybrid alarm systems can look good

All Terxon control devices shine with a contemporary appearance, allowing them to complement sophisticated interior design. With their elegant design and their maximum in enhancement options, Terxon alarm systems are therefore suitable for premises of all sizes and every environment.


Perfectly coordinated accessories ensure a clean installation by alarm experts and stable operation of the alarm system. A large number of batteries, rechargeable batteries, cables, ...



Make use of the powerful sounders of the Terxon alarm system and depend on reliable alarms that quickly summon help. You can also increase the information of alarms with text and voice ...


Control devices

A large number of professional control devices are available for the Terxon. They make it easy to arm and disarm your alarm panel. Activate the Terxon wired and hybrid alarm system via ...



For Terxon series wired alarm systems, an extensive range of wired opening and motion detectors is available, along with water and smoke detectors. ABUS detectors enable all-round ...


Terxon LX hybrid alarm panel

ABUS hybrid alarm systems of the Terxon LX series are suitable for protecting large commercial properties and building complexes. Its enormous functional range and expandability guarantees ...


Terxon MX hybrid alarm panel

Securing mid-sized and larger properties demands a comprehensive, flexible system that can be extended at any time. With the Terxon MX wireless alarm system, you get a solution that is ...


Terxon MX/LX extensions

The Terxon MX and Terxon LX wired and hybrid alarm systems can be retrofitted with wireless modules. Compatibility with the Secvest 2WAY alarm components in terms of function and appearance ...


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