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Innovative access control. That's what the new wAppLoxx System delivers. It combines the advantages of a traditional access control system with flexible and smart online management via the web or an intranet. Create and adjust locking plans, react instantly to events, open doors at the touch of a button and activate your alarm system: you can now do it all from the comfort of your home/Office or from anywhere on the go. An app even makes it possible to adjust Settings simply by using your smartphone. With the wAppLoxx, ABUS is ushering in a new era of access control – the era of access control 4.0.

wAppLoxx - innovative access control

The wAppLoxx system is the ideal professional access control solution for small to medium-sized premises or private houses. Due to its browser-based software, the modern access control system provides not only additional protection against
breaking and entering, but also the option of managing authorisations and time schedules  simply via the web or app. wAppLoxx also allows the arming/disarming of existing alarm systems and the integration of ABUS IP cameras for video

  • Complete solution for access management and arming/disarming of alarm systems
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized premises (1–20 doors)
  • Quick and easy creation of access rights (up to 150 persons)
  • Control and management via web browser or app
  • Integrated video surveillance (up to 6 IP cameras)
  • Event control via app (relay control, email push notification, access denied, etc.)
  • No subscription fees

Winner of the iF Design Award 2017

Our access control system, wAppLoxx, has proved itself a worthy competitor, winning one of the world’s most prestigious design awards.

The panel of international judges agreed that the wAppLoxx is easy to operate, flexible and offers the customer the security that they can expect from an access system. The jury also approved of the fact that the access control, alarm, and video surveillance functions can be controlled with one fluid motion. These can either be used on-site at home, or on the go via an app or in a browser – and all this via an encrypted connection. This means that highly sensitive data is fully protected around the clock.

© ABUS wAppLoxx

Comfort and security at home

wAppLoxx © ABUS

Installed in private houses, wAppLoxx does not just provide increased break-in protection: doors can also be opened by app to trusted persons, even if nobody is at home. An alarm system is already installed? This can also be armed and disarmed quite simply using the wAppLoxx. Similarly, electronic door openers, lights and other electronic devices can be controlled by the app.

Access control for business buildings

wAppLoxx © ABUS

It is important for a company to be able to manage the access authorisation of its employees in the best way possible. With wAppLoxx, it is possible to react quickly to staff changes at any time – locking plans can be created and adapted with just a few clicks. If an attempt is made to gain unauthorised access, integrated video surveillance can provide additional information. For doors that need to remain open continuously for a specific period during the day, e.g. in doctors’ surgeries, the “permanent access” function can be programmed.

wAppLoxx prevents false alarms when operating alarm systems © ABUS

wAppLoxx prevents false alarms when operating alarm systems

The wAppLoxx system not only enables you to control access to the building, but the alarm system as well. This provides the maximum level of control throughout the premises and prevents false alarms. Linking the alarm system is simply achieved by a cable connection. Authorisations for arming/ disarming are granted using the software. It couldn't be simpler. The alarm system can be armed or disarmed directly via the wAppLoxx cylinder operating panel. The arm/disarm command is sent wirelessly to the wAppLoxx Control, which is connected to the burglar alarm system.

© ABUS wAppLoxx

Always see who is at the door

The wAppLoxx system provides the unique option of integrating video surveillance using ABUS IP cameras. This ensures that it is always possible to see who is trying to gain access to the building. The app can then be used to open the door, for cleaners or postal deliveries, for example. For this, there are different events that can be pre-selected in the system: entry, entry denied or, for example, also activation or deactivation. Greater control and security is impossible to achieve.

Keep the overview with our compatibility list of IP cameras for wAppLoxx integration.

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