System W14 – Patented reversible profile

The locking system W14 with its patented reversible profile provides increased peace of mind for private and industrial properties with a reliable basic protection. For high security demands this system can be equipped optionally according to VdS standards.


The system W14 protects against manipulation of the cylinder because of its multi paracentric reversible profile.

The three security levels W14, XW14 and KW14 provide reliable protection for buildings with individual cylinders as well as small, medium and large locking systems. The systems W14 and XW14 as well as W14 and KW14 can be combined in one locking system. 

The optional equipment of W14 with the VdS certificate offers building protection according to insurance standards and guarantees the highest protection against drilling, picking or bumping. 

The combination of W14 with electronic systems in one locking systems is possible at any time.

At a glance

Profile Multiple paracentric keyway
System extent 3 security levels
5 or 6 pin system
Highlights Reversible key
Application areas Keyed different or keyed alike single cylinders
Small to large locking systems
Certificates Optional with VdS certificate:
W14 with VdS** (2 stars VdS A)
KW14 with VdS*** (3 stars VdS B+)
Optional with SKG** certificate
Combination with electronic Yes, with combined key
Manufacturing Made in Germany, DIN EN 1303,
Certified ISO 9001:2008

Flyer system W14
Combination of mechanic and electronic
Brochure Securing Your Property

Security level 1 - W14

Key W14 - © ABUS

  • One row with 5 or 6 spring loaded locking elements
  • Optional with VdS certificate (VdS** / VdS A)
  • Combination with XW14 or KW14 

Security level 2 - XW14

Key XW14 - © ABUS

  • Extension for higher security demands
  • Two rows with up to 11 locking elements
  • Combination with system W14

Security level 3 - KW14

Key KW14 - © ABUS

  • Extension for higher security demands
  • Optional with VdS certificate (VdS*** / VdS B+)
  • Two rows with up to 11 spring loaded locking elements 
  • Combination with system W14

Cylinders with VdS certificate


The cylinders are designed and built in accordance with the demands of insurance companies, which means they include specialist pinning in the cylinder core and housing for highest protection against drilling, picking and bumping. The cylinders are labelled with the VdS-logo and number of recognition. It can be used only in 6-pin systems with double cylinders, knob cylinders and half cylinders. 

Combination with electronic

With the system W14 you always have the possibility to combine it with electronic systems. The keys can be directly shipped from the factory as mechanical-electrical combination keys. A later retrofitting of electronic components can be realised through the use of the Combi Cap. External systems such as alarm systems, time recording and pay terminals can be operated with this hybrid key. 

Combi Cap + Skuni Cap - © ABUS
Overview - security for your building - © ABUS

Intelligent building security

The ABUS unit assembly system of mechanical and electronic cylinders and fittings as well as a wide range of additional modules provides everything you need to secure your property perfectly, without leaving any gaps. You will benefit from a large variety of combination options as well as many years of expertise in intelligent building security. With ABUS locking systems, you can create specialised solutions such as remote access, combined alarm arming or controlling access to technical resources or electrical switches. Combine mechanical and electronic cylinders and operate everything with just one key.
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