ABUS wired detectors report intrusion to the Terxon alarm system

For Terxon series wired alarm systems, an extensive range of wired opening and motion detectors is available, along with water and smoke detectors. ABUS detectors enable all-round protection of warehouses, offices, or building complexes. Allow a professional to bring reliable outdoor and indoor protection to your property.

Emergency call and panic alarm buttons

The emergency call and panic buttons enable inconspicuous and discreet alarm signaling in dangerous situations. They should be positioned so that an alarm can quickly be triggered in an ...


Glass break and shock detectors

Glass surfaces are vulnerabilities that intruders like to use to gain entry into businesses (especially in case of display windows) and office buildings. Installation of additional glass ...


Light barriers

Use infrared light barriers in combination with ABUS alarm systems for surveillance of hallways, doors and gates, or parking spots.


Motion detectors

The IR motion detectors of the ABUS Terxon alarm systems reliably react to body heat in rooms. They detect intruders and enable fast intervention to protect your property.


Opening detectors

Seamless protection of the external shell is the cornerstone of every electronic building security system. The opening detectors of the Terxon wired/hybrid alarm system secure doors and ...


Smoke alarm devices

A fire breaks out somewhere in Europe every minute, costing lives. The best protection against invisible smoke gases: wired smoke detectors in conjunction with a Terxon alarm panel. This ...


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