Locking system Integral – High security system with reversible key

The system Integral is used in case of highest security demands. The extremely complex construction of the Integral cylinder with three planes of angles is protecting the cylinder from intelligent manipulation attempts and prevents the opening of the cylinder by an unauthorized key.


The serial equipment of the Integral cylinder with an additional carbide bridge made of hardened special steel guaranties highest protection against drilling.
The system Integral fits very well for the realization of very large and complex locking systems with high security demands. It is also used for small locking systems or individual lockings where high security and a high locking comfort are required. The massive reversible key is though offering a very high locking comfort.
An extension of Integral locking systems by electronic components, for example electronic cylinders as well as barrier controls or alarm systems is possible at any time.

At a glance

Profile High security reversible key system
System extend 1 security level
5- or 6-pin system
Highlights Highest protection against manipulation
Comfortable reversible key
Application areas Keyed different or keyed alike single lockings
Small to very large master key systems
Certificates Optional with certificate SKG**
Combination with electronic Yes, with combined key
Manufacturing Made in Germany, DIN EN 1303,
certified  ISO 9001:2008

Flyer Integral
Brochure Securing Your Property
Combination of mechanic and electronic

Carbide bridge as standard drilling protection
Cylinder with VdS certification
combi cap, skuni cap

Carbide bridge as standard drilling protection

The additional carbide bridge made of hardened special steel, which is standard in system Integral, makes drilling of the Integral cylinder almost impossible. The hard metal bridge and up to 16 active, spring loaded locking elements in the cylinder guarantee high security.

Cylinder with VdS certification

  • Cylinder equipment according to insurance demands
  • Special pinning inside the cylinder core and –housing for highest protection against drilling and picking
  • Labelling with VdS logo and certification number
  • Can only be applied in 6 pin double-, knob- and half cylinders

Combination with electronics

The combination with electronic systems is very easy, due to the Combi Cap and the Skuni Cap. The key can be delivered ex works as mechanic-electronic combination key. A later retrofitting of electronic components can be effected together with the Combi Cap. Also external systems such as alarm systems or time registration and pay terminals can be operated by this hybrid key. 

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