Protecting doors – security for your premises

To protect your door and this way your company against burglary you should invest in the security of your door. With additional door locks and the basic elements you increase the security of your company effectively.

The basic fittings for any entrance door include tested security strike plates with wall anchors, strong mortise locks, sturdy door fittings with pulling protection and door cylinders with a security card.

Ideal for side doors and cellar doors

Basic mechanical protection is provided by proper fitting of door locks as reinforced bolt locks or additional door locks and hinge-side security devices. The prerequisite for this is a sufficiently strong door construction.

Special solution for automatic doors

With the door lock STS600, ABUS offers an add-on break-in protection system for double automatic doors, of the sort frequently found in petrol stations, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Door bars

ABUS reinforced bolts for securing doors enjoy a good reputation in our comprehensive range of mechanical door locks. The door to be secured is protected over its entire width on both the ...


Door closers

Doors that don't shut, doors that bang, doors that create a draught? Door closer by ABUS fitted to the top of the door will solve the problem. Whether it's in public buildings or in your ...


Door cylinders

The door cylinder is the heart of any door and has top priority when it comes to protection against break-ins. Despite their importance, many locking cylinders based on outdated technology ...


Door fittings

Any door that is not professionally secured can be immediately identified by burglars as an easy target: The cylinder protrudes a long way and often the fittings can simply be unscrewed. ...


Electrical door openers

Electric door openers from ABUS unlock the door at the press of a button without it being necessary to open the door in person. Preferably a door opener comes at front doors of apartment ...


Escutcheon Plate

Whenever there is no room for security door fittings or where they spoil the appearance, security escutcheon plates are recommended. Escutcheon plates are like a frame for door cylinders. ...


HomeTec Pro

Practical for joggers, people carrying lots of shopping and people who “just have to take the dog out”: with HomeTec Pro, you will never again have to rummage around for your house keys.


Mortise locks

The mortice lock is activated by the door cylinder – it may be invisible but it has a crucial function. Just as it's impossible to start an engine without a starter motor, a door cannot ...


Rim locks

Burglars are becoming more sophisticated. An additional door lock brings greater security to your home and to the front door itself. ABUS additional door locks: A variety of shapes and ...


Side hinge units

The ABUS hinge-side lock protects entrance doors against being levered open and thus provides security for the hinge-side of the door. The hinge-side door lock can be used not only for ...


Strike plates

A security strike plate is a basic part of security for entrance doors and front doors to flats. For not only to your staff and customers the front door offers access to your company every ...


Structural support

Just as important as product selection is ensuring that you have appropriate fixing for your locks. Otherwise, the door lock finds no support in the wall or in the window frame. Brand ...


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