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All entrances to your home are controlled and monitored using an electronic access control. The electronics do more than just make your system intelligent: ABUS electronic security represents comprehensive, intelligent security. All components can be usefully expanded at any time to create a complete security system. Alarm systems, video surveillance and even mechatronic detectors can uniquely supplement the access controls to suit your own security needs and on-site factors.


Security begins at your front door

Project planning for security systems begins at the central entry and exit point of the building – the door. Alarm and video surveillance can be a useful addition to the monitoring of the access points of your house. Should there be an unauthorised entry attempt, the system won’t just keep the intruder outside: the alarm system will be triggered and you will receive a video image of the incident.


See who is at the door

Alongside securing your home against unauthorised access, there will, of course, be many situations in which you will be happy to open your front door. With ABUS access control, you don’t even need to be present – you can grant access by verifying a video image.


Open doors even when you’re not home

With traffic on the motorway or a cancelled train, being late becomes unavoidable. In the past, key hiding places were the solution, but now you can simply open your door via the app. The integrated alarm system is simultaneously disarmed, allowing access to the house.



The best alarm system is one which can't be seen

An alarm system offers numerous advantages and options for security. However, best of all is when you barely notice it’s even there. When combined with access control, the form of operation is inevitable: unlocking the door means disarming the alarm system, and when the door is locked, the alarm system is enabled again. Simple and secure.

Security for growing demands

Many questions are raised when it comes to securing your home: how useful is an alarm system and which components do I need? Could smoke detectors be integrated as well? And which advantages do cameras offer? An ABUS specialist will be happy to help you with these questions. During project planning, they will ask you the right questions to determine what is needed to secure your home and to compile the required components. To what extent you’d like to secure your home and how much convenience you’d like to benefit from is fully up to you.


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