ABUS Aluminium Padlocks: Practical, Sporty or Romantic

ABUS aluminium padlocks are suitable for a variety of applications. They are handy, lightweight and protect your valuables reliably. Whether blue, red, violet, green, orange or yellow, whether a combination lock or key lock, you are guaranteed to find just the right padlock in this product range to suit your needs.

Perfect for industrial uses

The 72/40 padlock was developed especially for industrial and occupational security. It is lightweight and ideal for securing machines, equipment, doors, cabinets or tool chests. The 72/40 is also available in various colours that allow for colour coordination to distinguish between workspaces, employees or responsibilities.

The padlock for declaring true love

More and more couples are using bridge railings to declare their true love, where they place a love lock with an engraved or painted love message, the date of their wedding or just the lovers’ names and then throw the key into the river. Stemming from a tradition which originally started in Italy, the trend arrived in many cities all over the world. The aluminium padlock 72 Color & 72 IB Color is perfect for this romantic tradition.

The athlete of padlocks

The aluminium padlocks from the mySport series have a sporty look. Motifs from seven different types of sport adorn the padlocks and make them a real eye-catcher. The mySport padlocks are ideal for uses like securing your locker at the fitness center.

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