Terxon LX is a danger alarm system for large building complexes

ABUS hybrid alarm systems of the Terxon LX series are suitable for protecting large commercial properties and building complexes. Its enormous functional range and expandability guarantees long-term investment protection for your company. Wireless alarm components can also be integrated, allowing your system to be quickly scaled as required.

Size that pays off

The ABUS Terxon LEX alarm system makes uninterrupted protection of business premises and larger building complexes possible. This ABUS alarm control panel satisfies all the security requirements of larger business premises and companies with its comprehensive programming options. This wired and hybrid alarm system is optimally suited for industrial plants, hotels and shopping malls in particular.

Independent partitions – the special highlight

The Terxon LX alarm control panel features eight partitions which can be armed and disarmed independently of each other. This function is invaluable in office buildings in particular, because there are usually several companies with varying business hours occupying one shared building. Using the Terxon LX, arming and disarming different areas at individual activation times is no longer a problem.

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